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High school student working on a pottery wheel

Titan Pride

Jackie Davis

CRHS Principal 

Phone: 970-665-6710


Mike Mikalakis

Assistant Principal 

Phone: 970-665-6720



Ben Kirk

CRHS Dean/Athletic Director 

Phone: 970-665-6744



Welcome to Coal Ridge High School! Established in 2005, CRHS is home to over 500 of the most amazing students and 70 of the BEST staff in Colorado!

Located on the picturesque Western Slope of Colorado, we take pride in offering rigorous and individualized academics and believe that every student has the potential to achieve success. Our staff is dedicated to fostering their growth through a unique educational experience.

At Coal Ridge High School, we are driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to empower every student to succeed by emphasizing the importance of reading, writing, and effective communication in every class, every day. This rigorous approach permeates all aspects of our educational philosophy, creating classrooms where students are constantly challenged to strive for excellence.

We celebrate the rich tapestry of backgrounds and perspectives that our students and teachers bring to our school. This diversity allows us to offer a wide range of learning pathways, ensuring that each student is engaged, nurtured, and challenged in a way that suits their unique strengths and interests.

But at Coal Ridge High School, we understand that a student's high school experience extends far beyond the classroom walls. That's why we place equal importance on extracurricular activities and experiences. We believe that these opportunities play a crucial role in shaping well-rounded individuals, and we encourage our students to explore their passions, develop their talents, and build lasting friendships through our diverse array of clubs, sports, and activities.

At CRHS, we don't just focus on the present; we are deeply committed to preparing our students for a bright future. We see our role as educators as not only providing knowledge but also helping students develop the skills and plans they need to succeed in the world beyond high school.

We take great pride in our strong sense of community and togetherness. While we are all unique individuals, we come together as one, united by the Titan spirit. At Coal Ridge High School, we are TITAN strong, and we invite you to join us on this incredible journey of learning, growth, and personal development. Together, we can achieve greatness and prepare for a brighter tomorrow. Welcome to CRHS!